Production locations

“Made in Europe” – With one exception

As an industry leader operating in the age of glob­al­isation, LOWA applies a philosophy of “Made in Europe” to guarantee the best product quality, fair wages and social benefits for employees. This is enshrined in our Code of Conduct.

Through the social, envir­on­mental and governance standards listed in the LOWA Code of Conduct, we commit all our business partners to fair and responsible production processes. It regulates social, envir­on­mental and health protection issues as well as occu­pa­tional safety requirements.

By manu­fac­turing its products in Europe, LOWA ensures that its extensive know-how remains in its own hands, and that it has control over its tech­no­logies. It also means the company can offer signi­ficantly reduced delivery times. Another key aspect is being able to carry out quality controls at every stage of production.

Why we produce in Europe

Safe­guarding tech­no­logical know-how: Developing and producing high-quality outdoor footwear is a complex process requiring a high degree of crafts­manship. By making its footwear in Europe, LOWA ensures that its production facilities are in close proximity to its research and devel­opment department. This has a number of advantages. For example, we are able to create a completely new prototype within just one day at our base in Jetzendorf.

Lowering transport costs and emissions: More than half of the countries to which LOWA exports its products are located in Europe. The proximity of production facilities to LOWA’s primary markets in Europe keeps transport distances short. This, in turn, reduces emissions and elim­inates high transport costs.

Influ­encing the value chain: By producing in Europe, LOWA can influence the entire value chain. Since July 2019, nearly 95 percent of the required production capacity has been provided by wholly owned LOWA subsi­diaries.

LOWA’s business philosophy can therefore be summed up in three words: “Made in Europe”. We have no intention of changing this.

ATR by LOWA – Made in Vietnam

However, we currently do have to make an exception to this rule in the case of our ALL TERRAIN RUNNING line (ATR). The reason is very simple: the type of EVA midsoles required for these trail running shoes is not (yet) available in Europe. The same applies to the material used for the upper and to other required materials. The new product is produced by our partner in Vietnam – in accordance with the LOWA Code of Conduct, of course, which means that the same high envir­on­mental and social standards apply here as at our European production sites.

We believe in being fully trans­parent with our customers, which is why we decided to give this new line a name that differ­en­tiates it from our core brand: ATR by LOWA. However, the quality standards and the envir­on­mental and social requirements that our ATR shoes have to fulfil are the same as those for all our other products.

Examples of “made in Europe” at LOWA

LOWA currently operates production facilities at its headquarters in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf as well as in Slovakia, Italy, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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„Made in Vietnam“ from LOWA

In 2023, the ATR line will account for around 1.4 percent of our total shoe production.